Adventures in Recovery: Yet More Walking

I've had difficulty walking since the stroke, unsurprisingly. (My gods, I'm happy to be walking at all.) When I walk, I walk lower to the ground on my right; it gives me a sort of rolling gait. It's bothered me for some time, but its cause seemed to be inherent to the stroke.

I was walking back from the credit union this morning when I made a realization: it's not that my leg is shorter, my hip is lower.

It's part of a number of ways I've been using different muscle groups, especially on my right. I'm not using them correctly, and as I realise this for each muscle group, I adjust.

Apparently, my right hip isn't muscular enough yet to walk normally, but muscular enough to start.

I walked about two blocks keeping my hip up--or trying to--after I fully made that realization, and I'm walking around the house with it in mind. It isn't perfect, and it's ok. I am determined to get better, after all, and walking better is part of that.